Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sitting in the sun.....

I planted broadbean seeds today, straight into the soil.  I usually sow seeds at home and then bring them to the allotment as young plants but this year our garden is in mid transformation so there's nowhere at all to put seedtrays. They should be ok, the ground wasn't too soggy and forked over quite nicely.

The surprisingly warm February sun had brought out lots of people, oh, and frogs. Our pond was busy with seasonal froggy business, but no spawn yet. The pond next door, however was completely tapioca'd over. I wonder what makes them choose a particular place? Strange beasts, frogs.

Roo and girlfriend Helen came up to check out the view, and stayed for a while to sit and enjoy the sun.

Unfortunately they sat on the bench!!


I think I should put a sign on it in case anybody else fall through it and sues me

Happy gardening

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