Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer leave

I'm still here and I'm still working away on the allotment. I've just been a bit busy and I suppose the real reason for the silence is that last time I wrote anything on here, I made the mistake of looking back through some of my old postings and got depressed at how much I tend to witter on about nothing in particular. I don't actually intend to be a boring old fart but somehow that's what happens. Sorry. regime. Less wittering - more photos. Today's choice is me on the bench. The angle is less extreme than it looks, I think J lurched when he took it. I'd just finished picking runners, french beans, blackberries, spinach, rhubarb and courgettes and it was hot and sultry. As I write this (witter) it's back to grey drizzle. Oh well.

Happy gardening