Sunday, April 19, 2009

Walking the plank

The fruit cage is in a bit of a mess. The grass has become entangled in the netting, making it very difficult to strim around the base of the cage. Consequently it's been cut with hand shears but some roots have grown through the netting and we've never dealt with it properly until last week. We unpicked all the roots, rolled the netting up and are in the process of slotting planks into the base to make a strimmer proof edge. There were a few old planks at the allotment that we'd started to use but yesterday, on the way to the bread shop, J noticed a skip with a pile of very long planks resting against it outside neighbour Bill's house. Last night we walked the plank (well, two planks) up to the allotment. They were about sixteen feet long so there was a long gap between us and we had to shout to hear each other speak. Crossing the road was interesting. However, we made it, and when we got there we headed straight for the fruit cage and the planks turned out to be an exact fit. Amazing! J's up there now, doing a quick bit of plank installation while I write this. What a brilliant find. Thanks Bill!

Happy gardening