Saturday, March 27, 2010

Still plenty of leeks

My my. He said he was taking a picture of me holding some leeks. Instead, as a change from vegetable pictures we can all gaze on his handsome face! 
 You may just be able to make out the leeks in my hand. They are destined for mini leek and bacon tartlets to take to a lunch do tomorrow. That's probably why I've put mini photos in this posting.

Happy gardening

Sunday, March 21, 2010

...and here's one I made earlier...

In a "Blue Peter" moment during the winter I made this bird feeder specifically for peanuts as they are too big for the birds to get them out through the wire grids of either of my shop bought ones. You can tell it's home-made, can't you?

However, the allotment birds don't seem to like peanuts. I wonder why not? The mixed seed and fat balls seem to last about five minutes but the peanuts often don't need re-filling. Picky chaps, allotment birds.

Happy gardening (and bird watching)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Froggy business

Yay! Spawn!

Usually the frogs are active before now but it has been really, really cold so I'm not surprised. I'm very glad we've got some though - I always suffer from spawn envy if other ponds have some and we don't. That makes me sound weird, doesn't it?

I'm on holiday this week. I was on holiday last week too but J and I were away in the van, camping (brr) in Devon. Anyway, it means today I've had a bit of time to dig out the decent compost from one of the bins and spread it on the beds where I'm going to put the potatoes. I've got Charlottes and Maris Pipers, same as last year for the obvious reason that these are the varieties thar we prefer to eat. The onions can go in any day now too. Whew, it really feels like the long, hard winter is nearly over.

Happy gardening (and welcome spring)