Thursday, May 13, 2010

Holiday plans

I'm spending a fair bit of time tidying up and planting out the beds, ready for them to be abandoned again while J and I go on holiday. Silly really. By the time we come back all the tidying will start again, no doubt. It's so HARD leaving an allotment, even for a short time but as we're planning to take the van to the Scottish Islands we need two whole weeks or we won't have enough time to explore. I'm trying to persuade Roo and girlfriend Helen to spend some time with a watering can in our absence. It's hard work persuading Roo, but Helen came up with me the other day and she rather enjoyed planting runner beans. I'm sure they'll be good and help out, they may even like it, it's all looking so damn good up there!
The flowers are blooming beautifully in the top patch next to the hut. These are nominally here to attract bees and other pollinating insects to my fruit trees and vegetables, but mostly they're here because they're lovely.
 Under this netting, the strawberries are flowering like mad - maybe we'll get some fruit when we come back!
.....and these little pak choi are ready now (except something's munched the end two, but that always happens) Strir fry next week before we go, then!

Happy gardening (by proxy)