Friday, September 24, 2010

Trolley dolly

This is a bit of an experiment. The photo, not the trolley/food waste bin combo. I'm trying to upload a pic directly from Picasa, which I haven't done before and it seems to want me to write my post in Picasa as well. All very well but I can see that it's using Blogger's old format so it probably won't look the way I want it. The trolley/food waste bin pic is because this weekend is probably the last trip I shall make with this particular encumbrance before next spring! (Hurray) In the winter all the compostable waste goes into the compost bin in the garden while the stuff in the allotment bins rots down ready to dig into the ground in the springtime.

In the meantime, I haven't added any new waste to the bin at home for months so the contents should be ready to use soon. That's the theory anyway. In practice, I think there's a rat or two holed up inside the bin so it may be difficult to poke around inside to see if it's useable. My cat, Quincy, has been spending a lot of his time sitting staring at the base of the bin, looking hopeful. He's not very brave though so I think any rats are pretty safe.

Anyway, I shan't miss lugging the trolley up the hill, particularly the last bit where the bumpy path tries to tip the trolley over. I certainly shan't miss emptying the stinky mess into the daleks, and having to sloosh out the brown bin to clean all the stuck on peelings and bits of eggshell off before I take it home again.

Happy gardening (hope you've bin composting too)
Oh and I just want to say that compost is always better if there's lots of shredded loo roll insides and egg box along with the veggie peelings.
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Goodbye to the plum tree

RIP Marjorie's Seedling 
Planted spring 2006 died summer 2010

I don't know why it happened. It's been failing for months and we've tried to save it but now it really is too late. I've had several diagnoses from people who are very clued up about arboriculture but whichever of them is right still won't be able to bring life back into my dead tree. I don't think I've maltreated it, in fact I've tended it with more care than many other plants on my allotment. The only thing I can think of is that one time I sprayed it with non-organic bug spray but surely that can't be enough to kill a tree? I mean, don't people use non-organic stuff all the time anyway? There's enough of it in the garden shop that we use. They wouldn't sell it if people didn't buy it.

Apart from the starkness of the plum's shrivelled leaves, the allotment is looking good, J's strimmed and I've weeded and tidied, and the last of the summer vegetables are still quietly producing. But when I stop working and look around I get a melancholy feeling that isn't just due to the change of season.

Not quite so happy gardening this time folks.