Wednesday, August 11, 2010


By the time you read this, I'll have abandoned redcurrants in favour of blackberries. The bramble jelly-making has begun!

Two things. Firstly, thank you so much to all of you who actually read this blog. I only ever expected it to be read by my Mum (who now doesn't have a computer) and my two best friends from way, way back who don't live near me anymore. It's lovely to find comments from real people out there in internetland who share similar interests. I look at your blogs too and I'm always chastened by pictures of your wonderful allotments and gardens, and all the lovely produce you show. I'm particularly gutted by all the fantastic recipes and photographs of food that appear. It just doesn't happen like that in my kitchen, I have a strong tendency to eat my dinner as soon as I've cooked it - it doesn't hang around long enough to have its picture taken!

The other (earth shattering) thing of note in this posting is that I just have to tell you about the sheer pleasure of finding the right sheet of wrapping paper to cut into circles for jam-pot covers. Just look at this lot! Very Kath Kidson! It wasn't actually, just some nice paper from a local shop, but it's very like her brand. The lovely sweet peas aren't mine, they were given to me by Caroline who says she's been picking a bunch like this every day for a couple of weeks! Wow! Impressive.

If there's time today I shall pick four more lbs of blackberries to drip for the next batch of jelly. Lovely stuff, but the down side is that the kitchen is taken over by an upturned chair with a dripping jellybag attached to it by a Heath Robinson contraption of wires (made by the ever-inventive J) and it's such a slow process and each time, produces such a tiny amount of jelly! Is it worth it? Well, probably. I can't seem to stop doing it, anyway!
Happy gardening and jelly-making

Monday, August 2, 2010

Redcurrant frenzy

Susan looks happy (outrageously so, calm down Susan!) to have picked a nice bucketful of redcurrants.

I can't cope with the amount we get - there's still another bushful even after Susan and I have picked as many as we need. I think there are still some in the bottom of the freezer labelled 2009. And 2008. Oops.

This morning I made what I hope is my penultimate batch of 2010 redcurrant jelly, as later on today I intend to start picking blackberries for the bramble jelly. I love Mondays. (Day off) Mind you, pretty soon there's going to be a jam jar crisis. My jam jar box is kept in the loft when I'm not involved in jelly or marmalade making, but there's never as many as I remembered when I get the box down again. Where do they go?

While you're pondering that - happy gardening and jelly-making