Monday, November 30, 2009

Late pickings

I had half an hour today and for once it was the right half an hour, no downpour, no howling wind - I wasn't even supposed to be at work - just a nice, peaceful half hour to take stock of all the jobs I'll need to do when there's time and the right weather.

Amazingly, there's been no real damage, the hut is still upright, the bench wasn't, but was very easy to turn back up the right way. There was a lot of stray black plastic to gather up and stack back under the brambly bit at the bottom and there was even a small crop of veggies to take home. I photographed them on the bench in a delicious moment of sunshine, here they are, some leeks, parsnips, black kale and a little gem lettuce. Brilliant.

Happy gardening (when the weather lets you)