Monday, April 26, 2010

Tiny wasp nest

J found this beautiful wasp's starter home in one of the compost bins a few days ago. You can see from the edge of his thumb how tiny and perfectly formed the little honeycombed section is inside the shell.

It was so fragile that when I accidentally put an envelope onto it on the kitchen table, the shell cracked. It's only paper thin itself.

I'm glad the wasps abandoned their nest though. A compost bin full of wasps would be a scary proposition later in the year. 

Happy gardening (and watch out for wasps)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

No comparison



Nuff said

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Objects of desire

It was my turn in the Trading Hut this morning, selling compost and seeds and taking people's subscriptions to the allotment society covering the four linked sites around Redland Green. It's all wonderfully organised - all you have to do is turn up, unlock the well greased padlocks, hang the "open" sign up on the main gate and you're in business. I only do it a couple of times a year so when it's my turn I've always forgotten what to do but the customers are very forgiving. It's a good excuse to have a look around other people's plots too. This site has grown several polytunnels since I last had a proper look. Aah - now there's an object of desire. J and I would love a polytunnel but there's no room on ours for one. I have to be fairly careful putting up a large cloche without overlapping the grass path.

So - no polytunnels for us then. Back on my own plot this afternoon, I planted a module of red onions (Red Baron) admired the spring flowers and did a bit of preparation for planting the spuds. Hopefully tomorrow as it's a Bank Holiday.

This photo (primroses under the plum tree) shows that remarkable phenomenon of not noticing things that are right in front of you when taking a picture. I really, honestly didn't see the triangle of broken pot until just now! I think it's hereditary, my mum always used to take photos of my dad with something stupid like a signpost growing out of his head. No signpost here, but I would've moved the pot.

Happy gardening (and I bet you take better pictures than me)