Monday, December 6, 2010

Freezing fog

Sunday morning. Freezing fog hung over the city and wrapped the allotment in a cold, wet blanket. Sounds were either muffled or strangely amplified. I went for a walk and spent some time listening to snorty gruntings from some bushes near the compost loo but didn't see what was making them. Whatever was making them was probably complaining about the cold!

The parsley was completely frozen so I harvested it and put it straight into the freezer when I got home. Herbs freeze well and seem to taste exactly the same as fresh. I've never found dried herbs to be as effective.

I also took home a nice big stalk of sprouts but gave up on taking any leeks. I would have dug up a few if they hadn't been frozen solidly into their beds.

I have yet to put in my garlic. It's getting quite late in the year for planting it but so far, it's been too wet, too dry or too frozen every time I've been free. Or too dark, most of the time when I'm not too busy, it's dark! Next weekend maybe.

Keep warm!
Happy gardening